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Bree-the canine companion

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I belong to the generation that has grown up watching movies like “Halo (1997)” and read books like “The call of a wild (Jack London)”. Despite all that heard-read and seen, it was only on coming across following tear-jerking incident that made me realize the extent of honesty and dedication in a pet-lord relationship.

January 2000, Iyre residence.

It was a family-friends meet and dinner party at Mr. R. Iyre’s apartment. An enthusiastic, hard-working, talented, middle aged fellow who had recently shifted to my city as part of his promotion. We all were formally introduced to Mrs.Iyre, Shrividya and little Siddharth. Additionally Mr.Iyre brought us up to “Bree”-a black-brown 10month old GSD. At that moment I found it rather funny and inappropriate upon being introduced to the pet in the house.

Gradually as I became friends with Shrividya, I would visit Iyre’s often after schools. I began to notice their dog now. Bree looked like a well-tempered, intelligent two feet something German shepherd. He might have weighed more than 25 kg with promising and calm eyes ever. As I remember, he would not bark often but  would unfailingly stand by the door before anybody knocked it, in particular Mr.Iyre. Each time he entered, he would always receive Bree’s affectionate licking and embracing. Bree would have his food only after Mr.Iyre prepared his tray and sat in front of him. It used to be indeed a site to cherish.

Over weeks Bree began to distinguish even me. His behavior was lot socializing and well-trained towards me now. He would often accompany me and Shri for playing in the garden. One day in the garden , he saw an old couple and instantly went up to them, started to cuddle them.I and Shri allowed them to hold him.To our bewilderment, the old lady said she had a GSD named Bree that died last year and asked what was this dog’s name. We were stunned to notice Bree’s intuitive genius and sense to pick people who needed some love. We discussed it often about this being only a percentage probability or what else….we never arrived at a conclusion though. I was more than impressed and content on having this furry-friend now. Thus, in no time I realized how a pet becomes a part of family and a dog is as important as it’s any other member.

One fine day I learnt that Bree has become irregular with his meals and would sort of mourn late at nights.He often would pace towards main road from backyard. Bree with his health and behavior was distressing the Iyre’s now.A veterinarian was called upon.He suggested some diet change and inquired if Bree had recently undergone any vaccination,journey,environment change or was simply being picky. Bree’s anorexia remained unexplained by the doctor although he put up a solution temporarily. I don’t know about others, but it all gave an impending sense of doom to me at least about the Iyre’s. Out of hesitation I could not express my concern though.

15 days later Bree proved me right. On a Sunday morning , Mr.Iyre had a massive cardiac arrest while working in the back yard.He was rushed to the hospital from the same main road Bree had recently started to run up to often. We were all hoping for best and praying while Mr.Iyre was admitted to hospital and being medically attended .Bree on the other hand would not move an inch away from his bed and try to leap up on it.Desperately purring and snuggling. It was difficult to move him out of the room. Despite being warned about infection, none of us had a heart to drag him out, for he would shed tears literally otherwise. Believe it or not, doctors had to allow him in the room during some minor procedure and he soberly sat in there!

Unfortunately,by mid-night Mr.Iyre had another heart-attack which proved deadly.Mrs. Iyre and kids of course gave heartbreaking cries but Bree…. No, we were not surprised, Bree lamented like it did for past few days while other rites and rituals were carried out. Relatives were informed and the body was sent for medico-legal formalities.

On one hand I felt sorry for the Iyre’s and on  the other I could not stop admiring Bree for his spirited-pet-ship. Until then,I only knew through books about animal smartness and their intuitiveness ,but Bree stood like a burning example for it.This phenomenon is natural to them and stems from deep rooted emotional connection, unlike humans where its considered supernatural. At that moment I speculated if it meant animals having higher EQ than average humans or was it a species with some blessings itself? I did not know how to react exactly that time but while everyone went up to Mrs.Iyre for consoling and  paying condolence I wished to hold Bree and pamper him, nestle him, reassure him.Like a bolt from the blue,before I or anybody could think more, Bree’s mourning could no longer be heard…the loyal canine creature accompanied his owner now.I was touched to see the depth of dedication. Poor dog did not survive even few hours after his master’s demise.

At that point of time I knew how I wanted to react…..rush to washroom, lock from inside and cry out loud to my heart’s content.


Happy Women’s Day.

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Thought 1- (They call us the weaker sex perhaps because) you would come across a lot of famous scientists,businessmen,lawyers,engineers,accountants,writers,doctors,architects,creatives to be males…what do the females do all their lives than?

Thought 2- Well, they inspire, nurture and face all the hardships(mentally, emotionally and physically) to bring into existence all these men you’ve been talking about.
#Happy Women’s day.

Dear women,
You may not have a beautiful face but you have a beautiful character
You may not have the best hair but have great brains
You may not have pink lips but what you speak is sensible
You may not have glowing skin but you always bring glow to lives you connect.
You may never fight at war front but you have an unfettered soulful energy.
That’s it.
#Stay and protect Women-nine females for true some prosperity!

Random Recollection

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the prayer below,i’d kept hand-written for years on a poster on the door of my room.for some reasons,i don’t know when, i got back from home,it went missing but the DIVINE words are with me. 




Prayer of Saint Francis of Assisi

Lord, make me an instrument of your peace.
Where there is hatred, let me sow love;
where there is injury,pardon;
where there is doubt, faith;
where there is despair, hope;
where there is darkness, light;
and where there is sadness, joy.

O Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek
to be consoled as to console;
to be understood as to understand;
to be loved as to love.
For it is in giving that we receive;
it is in pardoning that we are pardoned;
and it is in dying that we are born to eternal life.



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While I write this in relation to, the story of a girl being gang raped in the capital city of India, it has already assumed the dimensions of a disgraceful burning issue and an indignant protest among masses in every corner of the country and I earnestly hope by the time this is published, the story meets a justified ending!

As a fact, on my first encounter with the matter, I so much felt like going out myself, by all means getting hold of the culprits and ripping flesh off their bones! But then I realized that this would end a criminal and to be true, we are in dire need of bringing an end to a crime. This led me to think two obvious things-A. Do not let a criminal be born and B. Keep system equipped enough to banish if in case one is born and expresses!


A. Do not let a criminal be born.


Although, a lot of social and psychological factors contribute in making a criminal, in my opinion each one of us keeps a negative side that has potential to turn in to an expression through actions/inactions that are unlawful(in its core). Of, course, set of morals, upbringing, personality type, education (formal and informal), social background and other such factors keep it all in check. But I (and not just a feminist spirit in me) somewhere feel we have gripped our society in the hands of certain taken-for-granted, seemingly unimportant but actually unhealthy day to day practices, which supports already existing and further breeds a generation of such negativity. An improvement over these little but crucial facets, may bring the change we want to see- safety and outward wellbeing of women in Indian society.


  • Keep efforts to emancipate and encourage every possible female in every possible ways-yourself (if you’re a female reading this!), mother, sister, girlfriend, daughter, sister-in-law, a female friend, wife, daughter-in-law, niece, aunt. It is as simple as her being appreciated, given liberty of choices and expressions. Make her opinion and voice count in any family matter/discussions and let her wear what she likes, for a true home-maker/partner/member is marked by wisdom and adaptability, not by ability of blind follow!                                                                                                                                                                    

I know it can be struggle some to implement in a country where fidelity is one value loaded term, constantly employed to categorize only females, into goddess or whore, since times of epic!  But, a gender bias, it is and it was! Hasn’t time ripe to fight back from roots?

  • Never run her down/tolerate running her down publicly or in front of young-ones (regardless of their gender), by a male member especially for chauvinistic reasons.(as in  father to mother, brother to his wife, uncle to aunt, one to other friend)
  • Strictly affirm your “no-no” (and actions too, when/where required) about female foeticide, child marriages, domestic violence and dowry.(although there are laws but I am sure personally all of you know at least one family where they still practiced this non-sense, lets stop passing it on to next generation now!)
  • Improve your/those who’re in your influence, taste for seeking “entertainment” and “food-for-thought”. I so wish focus shifts from ‘checking out “maal/item”s/munni’s/sheela’s/chameli’s and chammak challo’s’ to literature, quality music and creative/productive engagements. I sternly appeal the creators, audience and editing authorities to take responsibility, in this regard, as to what trends they’re allowing, encouraging and introspect about passively mocking female dignity. I truly feel sorry for generation of kids who innocently sing/dance jalebee bai’s/halkatt jawani’s/ganpat chal daroo la! Have we forgotten our duty to make them learn about Nirupama Rao, Indira Gandhi, Sudha Chandran, Barkha Dutt, Kalpana Chawla, characters like Anna Karenina or it is we ourselves keep no interest in doing so? 
  • Learn to consider character, consistency, confidence, conviction and merits above gender/anything else. Be it salary, achieving promotions or holding posts and whether you’re on giver side or taker’s side, long term concrete development and growth should be only focus. Regardless of you’re a male or a female, refrain from short-cuts by taking advantage of biases in any terms. Remarkable achievements come only from hard-work and patience so dedicate towards deserving! This is one of the ways to chuck, assault or disparity in professional area.
  • Most of you do not dare to act out of insecurity, peer-pressure or lack of empathy, but unite against/fight/discourage the doer, in response to any complaint about gender based harassment/assault/teasing from office colleague, some-one like servant or against an immature friend who finds it only some “light-fun”!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  



B. Keep system equipped enough to banish if in case one of a kind is born and expresses!


Say in this case the heinous act continued for 90 long minutes so, the wrongdoers ought to be faced with life-threatening situations that would evoke the physical and psychological responses approximating the ones experienced by the poor girl in real, for 90 long months. I am sure they would be biologically and mentally dead/nearly dead by then. I demand their living be made so pathetic by every means that all they can perceive peaceful should be death. I am in favor for making them chase and long badly for a breath of fresh air, a drop of  drinkable water, separate place to urinate and defecate, disease free body, a place of shelter and a piece of cloth to protect from chilly wind, somebody to rescue them from stones thrown to them everyday!

No, no, do not kill them, torture them to death. Make their bodies decay without food/water (or water from gutter and stinking stale food) and deadly infections. Make them suffer pains of fracture, burns and pulling away every hair and nail off their roots. We may also possibly request 6-10 gays to perform rape on each of them so that they know how it feels being made a part of an act against preference and later allow people to mock at this so that they know agony of helplessness when viewed as an object of cheap fun. This is how; traumatize their self-esteem before they die!

By making their life miserable to bear every possible fraction of time, we’d not only make them realize the value of  a life(one they own and ones they shattered) but also set an threatening example of  defying law, order and justice to goons, who would ever even in their dreams feel like committing similar act! 

Castration and bobitisation seem the means of justice to most, to me which is only half way. Why neglect the dreadful septicemia a young innocent suffered, various injuries on head and abdomen, every single bruise when she was beaten up, every unwanted physical contact she had to bear, a chilled Delhi winter night on road and an uncovered delicate ruined human female, each desperate attempt to gain oxygen on ventilator, pain of gaining consciousness and sensing a 7-12 or more poked artificial lines on the body to support survival in an ICU!


I so wish females who read this feels a need to empower (themselves and others around).Males who read this put in efforts to turn gentleman .And in all they, inspire a next lot to become so, respectively. This is for one simple reason that, displaying fury for one case, one day, one way, is nothing less than show-off, to me. If you so much live by sense of fairness and love for dignity let it be shown up in all possible ways, which could really make some difference. Now, you decide your standard and be bold enough to act it out in favor of your stand, “every time”!



One line Stupidity-1.Only a childish/boyish male spares no chance to prove his so called superiority; a real man would instead be polite and even-tempered always!


2. We are working out means to protect living of females in a world, they’re not presumably left safe even while inside a mother’s womb, before having assumed a life!Image


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Sky sparkling with fire-works,joy filled air,music so loud,hearts beating fast,dancing the tune of rave,the colors of light and splashes of champagne …. yes,the extravaganza of new year celebration is again here tonight.

12 months of 2012 end here,without a change in locations of magnetic poles of the earth,human civilization coming to an end,aliens capturing the planet and The great dissolution(Pralaya-Hindu cosmological term)…
yes,we are all alive. 🙂

Same earth,same wind,same sun,same moon and same oceans.Time independently running on….what marks the celebration than?
A very happy new year…but

My message or wish actually value eVERY second,gain HAPPIness out of it,endure capacity to realize NEW reasons it keeps bringing to celebrate and you learn to love and live all the 12 months,52 weeks,365 days,8765 hours,525,600 minutes of the YEAR!
It is then that you’ll know festivals,party and extravaganza is any time,any where….almost always there!

Smiles and tons of goodness…



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A glass-sheet in air, like!

Actions  Intentions

In to out , only inwards,

From each side, they’re not so alike!



Please, relate the () content metaphorically!

*psychologically it is private-window/self

**psychologically it is public-window/self


Those of you who are further interested may explore- “Johari window”concept.


I was just trying to re-evaluate this so called idea of transparency, particularly the one we associate with a see-through segment of a glass-sheet.


Glass provides a view that is thought not to alter the reality much.


But I feel, in order to retain the absolute legitimacy/truth regarding the space (one human!) in which it is held, it would be wise to consider the side from which one prefers to take the view(judgments and perceptions). Simply because a placement (bringing into survival) of a glass (an individuality) in to a space (our own reserve of “self”/”being”/one solo human), tends to create a division (divergence in perception about one particular, same human) of a sort in it!

Agree?(nod in front of your screen and smile please!) :p

That is how views happen to be dissimilar form one to other side (say how we look to yourself)* and vise-versa (say the way world looks at you)**.

Now, that our actions and intentions are merely echoes of our individuality and a complete attainment {and even without}of the former makes us offered for judgments/perceptions (“divided’ ones by private &public both windows),and so my concern/question is do we some where/some time compromise over absolutely being human/just our self/our purpose (absolute legitimacy/truth regarding the same space when the glass wasn’t a part of the picture!)?? Or is it that it(achieving individuality) makes us, in fact, much needed, higher in terms of evolution?? (dynamic enough to be adapted in to various “views” instead of one blank space!)

If yes, why?

If no, why?Image

PAAN Indian.

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As, always I have been dwelling in bewilderment about topic of my write-up this week-end. Let me disclose the range…from missing a train, how to get rid of snooping neighbors/mates/relatives to top recipes this winter, the great Indian political drama,  “December”-celebration ,clothing, food-ing month of the year and a lot more!

Well, then I decided to focus on the last topic…yeah…specially, Looking at the number of people getting committed or engaged or married this season I’ve been silently smiling at the genuineness of Mayans predictions about 2012 bringing an end of life on earth!!(please, No Pun intended).This idea of family functions, celebrations and cultural events simply brings colors of glitz. glam, fun, dance, rituals and most important part of Indian culture-HOSPITALITY ,on the canvas of my mind. Okay, and that, to be candid, made me bring you this piece of information regarding-PAAN!

betel leaves,cut from stem,kept ready for use!

(Indians(Asian actually) there, would be smiling like idiots, I am sure. For people from else-where. I’ll explain you the reason!)

PAAN is a popular, one of the oldest and absolutely flavorsome piece of  mouth fresheners /digestives made out of wrapping of betel leaf, on assorted fillings like rose-petal preserve(hindi-gullkand),sweet coconut or fruit lump(Almond, Cashew, Pistachio included), powdered tobacco, chopped areca nuts(hindi-supari),fennel seeds(hindi-saunf),Cardamom(hindi-ilaiche),Camphor(hindi-karpur),Kaatha(a paste obtained from the wood of the acacia(hindi-babul)tree),roasted coriander seeds(dhana dal),Nutmeg(hindi-jaayfal),Anise seeds(hindi-choti saunf), Liquorice(hindi-mullhethi),lime (edible calcium carbonate) or simply a red maraschino cherry…all according to your choice!

PAAN preparation @ local shop.

It is essentially a sign of royalty and hospitality as history speaks and holds symbolic value at cultural evenings. Apart from the cleansing effect in mouth(anti-oxidant property), digestive value, some of the potent expectorants as its contents and wide use as a mouth-freshener, PAAN also finds its, consumption by classical singers/poets (Qawwali, to be specific-a genre of Sufi devotional music) due to its stimulating and psychoactive effects. It has also found its mention in songs of Indian film industry.(here’s link to the most popular one- the flick-DON starring Mega star Amitabh Bacchan)

Eating of paan,of, course owes to the content of the betel-leaf. It has hydroxychavicol(inhibits platelet aggregation by suppression of cyclooxygenase, thromboxane production and calcium mobilization) which has anti-inflammatory and anti-platelet effect and hence finds preventive and curative role in cardiovascular diseases. Chewing one betel leaf a day without tobacco or lime is thus, considered beneficial. The leaf also has vitamin C, thiamine, niacin, riboflavin and carotene. It has amounts of calcium, too. Studies have found that betel leaves contain an essential oil that supplies phenol to the bloodstream which has potential antiseptic properties.

It is also found that leaf prevents degeneration of cells: Some leaves have immense potential in preventing cellular damage, and that the leaf has the ability to forage free radicals. Chewing the leaves, while increasing the flow of saliva, also protects against intestinal parasites. Other than this, the leaf is a natural anti-depressant and stress-reliever.

It looks different with its style and type of folding. Most admired varieties include,Maghai Paan,Jagannath Paan and Meetha Paan.The one which is injurious to health is Paan-supari(with areca nuts) and Tambakoo-Paan(with tobacco powder).Experiments are also going on to make PAAN-extract drink.Flavour is also loved in ice-creams, candies,sherbets,sweets and certain food items.(for example samosa! with layer of betel leaf inside)

Richly stuffed betel leaf,garnished with cherry and chashew,shape-regular
Skilfully stuffed triangular paan pinned with clove!
pinned with a tooth-pick,a rectangular paan
simply rolled!
Maghai paan

Some relish eating PAAN completely where as others prefer to spit out ones the tasteful content is chewed. Here, stems a problem of littering caused due to diminished civic sense by certain people. So, these days public spittoons are a ubiquitous site, where as before there used to be special small-sized spittoons and also containers were obtainable to keep a number of PAANs handy! There are also containers availed on order to keep favorite fillings of PAAN so as to keep up with the need, as and when it arises, by its enthusiasts, compared to scene now-a-days, we encounter as we see a number of PAAN-wala/PAAN-gulla(local shopkeepers of PAAN/PAAN-Parlors as referred vernacularly)being flooded with people after dinner-time.:)

paan and its container!
a set of golden PAAN spittoon and container-Hydrabadi style

a bengoli bride veiling behind betel leaves…
betel leaves in Indian ritual

Besides,PAAN(betel leaf) also has mythological importance in India.It is variety of leaf used to present offerings to God during Pooja(Hindu rituals).for example Lord Vishnu preffers 32 offerings in form of leaves. Begoli weddings can never attain completeness without betel leaf topped container exchange! Where as in Lucknow,it essentially marks sophistication and symbol of  royalty!

OK,so eat like Dinosaur this season but don’t miss-out on simple attempts to stay human!



Chewing tobacco/areca nuts is injurious to health.This article doesnot mean to encourage any such consumption.